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Glitz and Glamour

Show a bit of glitz and glamour with this 1920’s inspired shoe. Another The Great Gatsby look.


1920’s Inspired Shoe Style

The Great Gatsby inspired shoe styles

1920's Gangster Style

Chained Leather

Unlock your adventurous side with this Manolo Blahnik creation—a classic pointy toe is paired with a daring ankle chain.

Bondage has never looked so appealing.

These puppies are worth $845.00

Manolo Blahnik Ankle Chain Leather Pointed Pump Manolo Blahnik

Runway Style – St Patrick’s Day Green

St Patrick’s Day today, so people will be searching for something green.

Here are 2 runway looks for 2013.

runway-green1  runway-green2

Design your own Shoes

Has anyone had the experience where you are searching for the perfect shoe but can’t find the right height, color, fabric or features. Looking for a fantastic shoe for you wedding or special event, than this is for you.

I found a great website the other day Shoes of Prey.

Here you can design your own shoe. You select a style, color, fabric, features and either save it to your favorites and keep designing or if you are happy with it, add it to your cart and have Shoes of Prey hand make your design and ship your shoes absolutely free to you – shipping takes about 5 weeks.

This of course only works if you plan ahead. If your event is in a week or two then it is too late. But if you would love a fantastic shoe by New Years Eve and it is the month of August, then you are set.

Just create an account and start designing – it’s that simple.

Shoes of Prey - Design your Shoe

Animal Sneakers

Beyonce wore wedge sneakers at the Superbowl, which are supposedly made from five different animals.
Materials include Ostrich, Cow, Anaconda, Stingray, and Crocodile. Crocodile alone can cost more than $600 per foot.


New York’s Spring Collection 2013

I thought I’d add the Best From New York’s Spring 2013 Runways, which was released September 14 2012, for everyone’s perusal.
Fantastic ladies pump collection.





Sporty Chic!

A fantastic celebrity fad – the Wedge Sneaker.

Combine a sporty sneaker with high heels and the result is a fashion sneaker.

There are many color combinations – from single color in leather and suede – stylish and chic, or multi color styles to add pizzazz to any outfit.

Wedge Seakers

Associate Marketing

Attempting to start my own marketing website. It sounds easy and they say it’s easy, but there is a lot more involved if you want your site to succeed.

Trying to find your “niche” is not too difficult, but trying to make your niche work is quite another matter.
The thing is…, you need to discover the “needs and wants” of the people you’re trying to target.
Need is a specific reason this person buys an item. Let’s say the laptop broke – he/she NEEDS a new one.
Want are items the person doesn’t really need, wishing for it, and while shopping lets WANT it. Offering visiting guests products to ADD to the sale of their new laptop.

The questions to ask too is; who, where, what, how.

Once you have determined the needs, wants, who’s, where’s, what’s, how’s, etc. This knowledge then should help you out how you can take an existing idea and cornering a piece of it.